CHINOPLASTY – Chin Reshaping

Like any plastic surgery, chinoplasty can be performed either for functional reasons, i.e. reconstruction of the chin after accidents or genetic malformations, or for purely aesthetic reasons (Aesthetic Chinoplasty).

With chin reshaping surgery, the aim is to change the shape of the chin to give it a more harmonious appearance in line with the other features of the face.

The operation is basically performed to enlarge or reduce the chin.
In cases where the patient’s beard protrudes outside the facial profile, the surgeon suggests Beard Reduction, an operation lasting about 60 minutes performed under local anaesthesia.

In cases where the patient is concerned about an inwardly inserted chin, the surgeon recommends placing a prosthesis on the chin or injecting fat or hyaluronic acid (filler).

Augmentation surgery with a prosthesis is a solution with a permanent result, while the injection of fat or hyaluronic acid is a short-term solution and therefore also less demanding for the patient.

At the end of the procedure, no marks will remain, as the cut is made in the gums of the lower part of the mouth, thus creating a space to accommodate the implant placed on the lower jaw bone.

After the operation you will have to wear a bandage for 3-4 days, you may feel some pain but our medical staff will recommend appropriate painkillers.
A liquid diet is suggested during the recovery and healing phase.

The oedema may last for a few days, depending on individual reaction, but after full recovery your face will look different.

If you have any questions, the Hemera staff is at your disposal!

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