GLUTEOFILLER – Gluteus Remodelling

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure that adds volume to the buttocks, giving them a bulkier, fuller, and rounder appearance.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of volume in the buttocks, many times physical exercises do not give the desired results. Fortunately, thanks to advances in cosmetic surgery, you can reshape the buttocks safely and non-invasively, without leaving visible marks.

The surgeons at the Hemera Clinic suggest the Gluteofilling method, i.e., injecting your own fat into the buttocks for a more natural result.

It is always advisable to consult our surgeons in advance to determine the areas where fat removal is desired and the total duration.

The operation is performed under general anaesthesia and recovery is very quick and easy for the patient.

After the operation, the specialists at the Hemera Clinic will provide you with the appropriate garment in the form of a corset, which helps prevent oedema and will be worn for 3 weeks after the operation.

50% of the injected fat is generally absorbed, so it disappears in the first month and the rest remains permanent.

Recovery time varies around 8-10 days and during this period our medical staff will ensure that your recovery will be as easy and quick as possible.
Gynecomastia, breast reduction in men, is a surgical procedure that is performed in cases where the chest is overdeveloped in men.


In general, the difficulty of living with this condition results in social and sexual disturbances.

The problem is so pronounced that the number of men undergoing this surgery has increased significantly in recent years.

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