Hemera Medical Center

HEMERA Medical Center, through the most advanced technologies, professionalism and passion, offers cosmetic surgery services, hair transplants, aesthetic treatments for the face and body.

Our success is guaranteed by our doctors who specialize in the best universities in the world,
by cutting-edge equipment and systems and finally thanks to the highest quality products.
Currently our surgeons at the Hemera Clinic practice their profession in the most aesthetic clinics
renowned in Italy, and recently also in Albania.
Our goal is to always be updated on new methods and techniques coming from the latest studies
contemporary with the aim of harmonizing your natural beauty.
The Hemera Clinic team aims to offer Western standards of cosmetic surgery at affordable prices
halved compared to the most prestigious European clinics while maintaining very high quality.
You can have a consultation with our specialists in our office to make your dream come true!
CALL: +35569 337 3337



Why should you choose Hemera Clinic?

• We have the most advanced DHI (direct hair implantation) method;
• Transport from the airport to the hotel and vice versa;
• Accommodation in a 5* hotel with breakfast included;
• Blood tests and serological tests;
• Lunch break and food during the procedure;
• Post-procedural drugs (antibiotics + sedatives);
• 1 PRP treatment session for the scalp;
• Headrest pillow for a more comfortable sleep;
• “Mossi London” mesotherapy package which contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids;
• Lotion in the form of cream + Shampoo to wash the scalp;
• Re-checks and treatments after hair transplant;
• Scalp washing sessions after the procedure;
• Patient follow-up and professional assistance;
• Certificate of Guarantee for implanted hair.