In general, this disease is characterized by a progressive decrease in the field of vision, in the peripheral part and then in the central part, until it progresses to complete blindness. This progressive decrease in field of vision corresponds to progressive damage to the optic nerve (the nerve that transmits images from the eye to the brain) and can reach atrophy – absolute damage to the nerve.
Atrophy of the optic nerve is caused by the constant pressure of the fluid that fills the eye on the nerve fibers of the optic nerve.


  • Age over 60 years old - checks start from over 40 years old
  • Family history of glaucoma
  • General diseases – diabetes, HTA
  • Eye trauma, eye infections
  • Use of medications - cortisone

The general basis of glaucoma therapy is the control of intraocular pressure or eye tension.

Control of intraocular pressure is carried out:

  • reducing the production of fluids inside the eye
  • facilitating the outflow of fluids through the corner of the eye

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