REDUCING MASTOPLASTIC– Breast Volume Reduction with Prostheses

Reduction mammaplasty is an aesthetic surgery procedure that reduces and improves the shape, lift and size of the breasts, all to give the body its desired proportions.

Reductive Mammoplasty surgery also eliminates complaints related to excessive breast volume, such as back, neck, lumbar and breast pain, headaches, respiratory problems, dermatitis, and ulcers in the braces and sub mammary fold, as well as psychological problems arising from the limitations that very large breasts can entail in a woman’s choice of clothing, performance in sport, sexual life or social sphere.

The procedure can be undertaken from the age of 18, lasts about 3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Depending on the complexity of the operation, patients may stay in hospital 1-2 nights.
Breast reduction surgery does not restrict breastfeeding, does not increase the risk of breast cancer, and allows all medical examinations such as mammography and ultrasound to be performed.

After the operation, a slight I-shaped scar will remain, which will fade with time and resume its skin colour without disappearing completely.

If the surgery is performed by a specialist and in sterilised and licensed facilities, postoperative complications are very low. It will be essential to scrupulously follow the advice and instructions given by our medical staff before and after the operation.

At the end of the operation the staff will provide you with the appropriate surgical prescriptions to wear during your hospitalisation, in the meantime you will be followed by the Himera Clinic specialists throughout your recovery.

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